oh my frackin’ gods

if you can’t tell from this post’s headline, i am a fan of battlestar galactica. i think it’s the best sf show of all time, and possibly the best show period. so yeah, i like it a little. so this post is about bsg and if you ain’t down with the bsg then you ain’t down with me.

so did you see “revelations” last night?

spoiler alert

i thought it was overall kind of a weak episode, that is until the end of course, which was mind-blowing. the whole thing just had a rushed feel, like they were trying to cram so much stuff into one hour that there was no time to explore the ramifications of what was happening. i mean appollo giving the coordinates of earth to the cylons just like that? and then adama being just kind of ok with it? granted, he had just discovered that his best friend was a toaster and he was probably in shock, but still, come on. it was just all a little hard to swallow. it doesn’t help that i don’t nor have i ever liked appollo- he’s a whiny, bitchy spoiled hothead, and it’s hard to feel empathy for him. and this episode seemed to focus on him a lot, which was boo.

however that ending!! of course one of the huge questions for this season was “if they find earth, when exactly in earth’s history will they arrive?” i was kind of rooting for present day earth, either that or back in the paleolithic age, but honestly for some reason i just didn’t see a post-apocalyptic earth coming. what a great fracking way to end the search for earth- and so in tune with the whole overarching struggle the surviving humans (and now cylons) have gone through: just when freedom seems within grasp, a new problem presents itself.

so apparently there will be no new episodes for at least several months. fracking hell.

anyway enough about that. zbq rock banners coming to a bedroom near you. bigger prints. more styles. less filler, more killer. always on zb radio.

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