this year is getting off to a “bang” with more new shirts posted today: killbots 2 , an orange & yellow variation on
keeley ‘s badass robots. this was actually the first version of this design that i printed large on the bottom of the shirt: the original print had the little metal dudes smaller & centered on the front (see the original killbots ). since then i’ve done quite a few variations on the theme: pinkbots , icebots , grisbots and killbots (red & grey) , but i’d have to say that this color scheme is probably my favorite. maybe it’s because it’s cold outside, and orange & yellow makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside (i’ve also grown a winter beard this month, so i’m actually warm & fuzzy outside right now too). anyway, there are a bunch of new killbots 2 red, mustard and royal blue tees, and a very limited selection of ladies’ tees as well, so feel free to join me in the warm & fuzzy bliss mode.

probably be about another week at least before i get some new stuff up. talk to ya soon.

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