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these were triple dipped

been doing some t-shirt printing and stuff. those were double dipped is a 6 color print based on a photo collage created by painter peter goode . we used to print the original on shirts using transfers (see peter’s LOVECATS gallery for the original artwork). anyway yeah. cool piece of art, and i hope to be doing more of his stuff in the very near future. i’ve only got a few of these shirts, and they probably won’t be printed in this form again. next time i do this one it will probably be a completely different approach.

oh yeah, i found my batteries.

lucha cigaro is available for pre-order for about 3 days, 3 dollars less than our regular prices and available on your choice of just about anything.

i also printed a few white masqs et parfums t-shirts (yeah, me!). those will also likely not be printed again for a purty long time.

oh and while i’m here, did i mention that there are 2 new polo shirts in
prep school ? i didn’t? oh well.

that’s it for now, but plenty of goodies coming your way very soon. stand by chidlins.

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