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hey peepz

i know it’s been a long time since i last updated, and i do apologize for that. i started school last month- i’m taking IT at the local community college, a 2 year program, and that’s been kind of dominating my time and energy. but i’ve also been printing a LOT of new shirts, and i will probably be starting to post those within a week or so. in fact, there are going to be a lot of new things happening on this site very soon, so keep your eyes peeled: new shirts, undies, rock banners and the return of zerokidz (albeit in a different form). i have a laptop now as well and since i’m spending a lot more time in front of the computer screen these days, i’m hoping to start posting a lot more updates to this blog. might not always be t-shirt related- i’ll likely subject you to my boring opinions on current movies, tv shows and world events- more or less just to keep something new up here for those that like to check in from time to time.

speaking of which, my current fixation is mad men , the show about a madison avenue advertising agency based in 1960. what a superb show! i believe it just won an emmy for best drama. don draper is my personal jesus. drinking and smoking all day at work? damn, those must have been the days…..

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