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hey everybody. i’ve just posted a bunch of new photos to the visualiser . click on the pictures to go directly to that t-shirt.

first of all, kevin carroll from a digital cure sent us some very nice pics recently. i’m hoping to get some more flicks from mr. carroll soon, and when i do you’ll be the first to know.

the zb sports bra. hoping to have these available on the site before too long.

undead paris

undead paris

undead paris

i also dug out a few photos snapped by our friend sarah devenne that had previously been posted on zerotique :

inverse princess (hubbah)

oblique inverse

vampire in paris

and i also posted some pictures of some shirts that should have had photos put up a long time ago but which i never quite got around to (until now):


motherhood (cream)

loca (pic courtesy of superlicious)

dirk wears black sox


connections (nice package)

1984 inverse (once again thanks superlicious)

dirk wears red sox

che grovera

war is hell (gabbey!!)

and just because i’m in a pic-postin’ kind of a mood, here’s a look at the new way we’re printing the logos now: they’re quite a bit bigger and they come up farther on the shirts at a bit of an angle. i think it looks cool:

damn, i have a pretty cute tush, don’t i?

and just because i can, and because it’s got absolutely nothing to do with anything, here’s a picture of me in one of my favorite shirts:

so it’s high time we got back to having good old-fashioned contests on this site, and to that end i am going to post a new contest tomorrow: i have a new shirt design i’ve been working on and for which i’ve printed a few prototypes, but i haven’t come up with a name for it yet. so if you come up with a clever enough name that we use for it, you’ll win one of the new shirts plus one of your choice. so keep your eyes peeled, potatoes.

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