moving sucks, i’m druunk.

went out to see the sadies with local heroes the true love rules tonight at the marquee; both great bands. drank a lot of overpriced beer while surrounded by writhing pale hipsters, tried to deal with the marquee’s famously shitty acoustics. suppose i’m a pale hipster too (though seldom writhing). but it was fun…… the sadies are like a compendium of almost every truly great musical movement of the twentieth century- country, rock, surf, bluegrass, & of course the spaghetti western theme song done to perfection. true love rules are a young band with legs and serious pipes.

so yeah, i know, i keep starting things and stopping things, i know it’s pathetic. but the truth is that i never really stopped anything, even when i wrote “zbq is dead” i said as plainly as possible that it wasn’t really the end for zb but that things had hit a point where the future was very unclear.

ok, i’m too sauced, and i have to spend the entire day moving tomorrow, so i’ll end this with something everyone’s seen by now, but just in case you haven’t:

(so there used to be a youtube video here. but it’s long since gone, and I have no memory of what it was. if you’re the sleuthy type, the video ID was V9Y4BppbBFo) -2024 Jay

and just because you’re curious, here’s a little sadies’ action:


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