Applique Compositions Stage 3: The Final Cut

The applique project has been proceeding nicely- in fact I just finished my fifth composition. I apologize for not posting updates through most of April, but I hope to make amends for that in May and beyond. I’ve been taking plenty of hyper-lapse videos to document a lot of the process, and I’m throwing them together into quick little videos to give you some idea of what I’ve been doing. And here’s the first one. I did the music too!

Applique Stage 3: Regret (version 2)

If you don’t feel like watching that or using your data, here’s a photo. I should have gotten one of the entire width (it’s quite large, around 25 inches wide) but I will in due time.

I was very happy with this one, though I’ve been happy with them all so far. There have been a few things to learn, and that will be an an-going process.

My plan is to complete 5 more compositions and then turn all 10 into sweaters and possibly 1 or 2 jackets. Then I’ll be doing more. I already have way more ideas for these than I could ever possibly have time to implement.

I also did a bunch of Ditko mashup/patchworks recently that will be made into sweaters soon. Pics and vids to follow. But here’s a little sneak peek:

More updates soon! If you haven’t noticed, I just posted the new collection this morning, which I’ve dubbed Jaded. I’ll do a deep dive on these pieces at some point in the next day or 2. Til then, stay clean.

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