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My Shiny New Blog

As of today my blog editor is finally pretty much working, so I’m going to celebrate with a nice new blog post. And what better way than to share some recently posted garments with you all?

First off we have Scribble Jam on a small ringer tee.

Bit messy innit? Well that’s sort of the idea. Printed with soft water based ink. 

Another new one I’m fond of is Here We Come , which is one our fancy new “mash ups” created with a previously-loved garment. This is also a small:

And today’s final piece is a zipup hoody that was originally sewn around 2018 but needed some minor repairs before it could go live. This one is a little bigger, a unisex large:

Most of our listings now include images showing chest, height and, where applicable, sleeve measurements. If you’re interested in a garment and aren’t sure whether or not it will fit, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to double-check for you. And of course if you order something and it doesn’t fit, you can return it for an exchange or refund.

So that’s it for today folks. Now that I have a working blog on this site, I will be trying my best to keep it updated on the reg. I also plan to start posting old blog archives from yesteryear when I get things a little more organized. Look at me go.

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