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….and the beat goes on

hey kids! hope y’all are having a pretty okey dokey summer. me? i can’t complain too loudly, except that i’ve been pretty much living at the print shop trying to get caught up with custom shirts (or wait a sec, was that avoiding the print shop at all costs to go swimming? i can’t quite remember). in any case, i’ve managed to squeeze out a few items for this here web site. and so, in stock and ready for shipping we have some next please shirts for you. please and thank you!

if you hadn’t noticed, i also recently posted some inverse princess , ice princess and orange princess shirts as well. stock is pretty limited so they probably won’t be around for very long….

and if that’s not exciting enough for you, there’s a new shirt of the week available for pre-order until august 15th: team evil (and it’s more feminine side, team evil pink ) were last printed about 3 years ago and in all likelihood won’t be printed again for quite some time. 3 bucks less than our regular prices, and we ship internationally for FREE.

so yeah, pretty slack on the ol’ bloggo, unfortunately, but things should be calming down soon so hopefully i’ll have time for more updates. in the meantime, enjoy the eye candy in the slideshow and stay tuned for a brand new print in less than a week. to the beat y’all……

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