oh happy day!

i’m back y’all! didja miss me? not really? well, how about some new shirts then? i’ve got a doozy for ya. happy day is yet another slawek kasolka creation.

having been married briefly myself way back in the dark ages, i can testify that “wedded bliss” is usually anything but. that’s why within 2 seconds of viewing this piece of artwork, i knew that i had to put it on t-shirts. and that’s just what i’ve done. so until midnight, september 30th, 2009, happy day will be available for pre-order on your choice of style, color and size, for $3 less than our usual prices. so, much like getting married too young and for the wrong reasons, i urge you to rush into this decision and not consider the consequences, then spend the rest of your life lamenting your lost youth and fighting back the bitter tears of regret. actually, hold the phone- these are t-shirts we’re talking about, right? i highly doubt you’re going to regret it that much- and hey, if you do, we do have a money-back guarantee.

i realize how long it’s been since my last post. i kind of went on a mental vacation there in august- just didn’t really feel much like working, so i endeavored to avoid it as much as possible. and let me tell you, it was gooood. but i’m back in the saddle again, and there are great things in store for zb. i’ve got a ton of new shirt designs coming and there’s some zb clothing on its way too. i’ve already got some skirts made and ready for your eyeballs, now i’m just trying to get this underwear done up in time for christmas. i’ve had a hell of a time trying to find a reliable seamstress- it seems that they all are, by definition, completely crackers- so i went out and bought a sewing machine and i’m going to try and make ’em myself. i have done a bit of sewing in the past, so hopefully it won’t be a complete disaster, or take me years. maybe i’ll discover what it is that seems to turn seamstresses into lunatics! in the meantime, i’m still open to working with talented people, so if you are a seamstress who thinks you might like to help me create some ladies’ underwear, feel free to drop me a line . in the meantime, you know where to find me……

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