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tuesday preversions

another pic of jezebelle to perk up your morning.

yes, i’m still working on the zb undies, there are just a lot of obstacles to doing them the way i want them done. but they are coming!

so yeah, BSG the other night basically degenerated into a frakkin’ soap opera. “oooh tigh, who do you love more? he never loved me, he loved you! you know who he REALLY loves? bill adama that’s who! tell her you love her, tigh, she needs to hear it! show her your love!” for an old bald dude with an eye patch, this guy sure manages to pull a lot of high maintenance cylon ass. that’s nice and everything, but can we get back to the actual story line now? i find myself wondering where the hell this is all going and thinking maybe they should have just cut things off last season. but despite a couple of episodes that were kind of dead in the water, it’s still the best show on television right now and they haven’t disappointed me yet. no matter how they wind things up, i’m sure it’s going to be pretty impressive. maybe i’m just dreading the end- i find myself getting emotional now when i hear the theme music, because i realize there are only a few episodes left- and so i’m expecting to be blown out of my seat every time. ah well. granny was a power sander.

coming very shortly: the polo shirts i posted on ebay didn’t sell, so i’m going to be making them available on here. and hopefully pins shortly after that as well. keep your eyes out for dradis contact.

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