prep, jock, or stoner?

remember when the world was a simpler place and everyone fit neatly into some easy-to-define pigeonhole? back in those days there wasn’t a lot of crossover- you were either one thing or another. the punks thought the metalheads were stupid, the “preppies” thought they were better than everyone else and the jocks were a roving gang of neanderthals that beat up anyone that got in their way. ah, the eighties. then one day one of those punk kids showed up for school wearing a metallica t-shirt. a jock got a mohawk, or one of the headbangers decided to cut all of his hair off. things started to shift and kind of melt together, and the social divisions weren’t as easy to delineate. or maybe i just graduated from high school and none of that stuff seemed to matter anymore. either way, back in those days i wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing a polo shirt- my friends (i was in the punk camp) would have laughed me out of their group and the “preps” would have seen it as a pathetic attempt to fit in with theirs. thank god we’ve evolved beyond all that! these days you can listen to whatever the hell you want to and have a lot more freedom in how you dress without being immediately lumped in one category or another. and you know what? i like some polo shirts- they’re comfy and stylish. but i think they look way cooler with one of our prints on them. so i went out and bought some used polos and printed some of our designs all over them. the result is prep school , a page that features the first few of these experiments. hope you like ’em.

mention code “PREPSTER” in the “comments to seller” section of your shopping cart for a 10% refund. good until march 1st. now let your inner conformist out to play!

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