monday musings

more ms. krystle….

so that last BSG was pretty intense- that’s more what i’m talkin’ about! betrayal, lust, greed, violence, mental breakdown- you know, all the great things we’ve come to expect from the best science fiction show in history. of course, i’m pretty disappointed in boomer, but she’s let everyone down before. i guess she’s just following her prime directive or whatever. and what up with madame president? is she dead or what? this is heating up now folks! can’t wait for friday!

of course, now i’m getting super excited for the watchmen movie, which will be released in the states this week but not sure about up here in canada. there’s an imax version too, and i’m all over that. my expectations are so incredibly high that it’s almost bound to disappoint on some level, but from all the trailers and clips i’ve seen, it looks pretty freakin’ amazing. stokedefied!!

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