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rock n’ roll geisha

say hi to jezebelle. jez runs her own “empowerment workshop” over at rock n’ roll geishas (definitely NSFW), and she was nice enough to send us some pics recently. we’re collaborating on a new shirt design with jez, and you’ll be seeing much more of her in LOVECATS soon as well. enjoy in good health.

i feel as if i should comment on the last episode of battlestar galactica, but there’s not much to say, is there? the whole mutiny thing was really just kind of a distraction, because we all knew it wouldn’t last. still, i think they had to get rid of tom zarek at some point as he was always going to be a thorn, and gaeta was just plain annoying anyway, so good riddance there. i’m still a little shocked that they killed the whole quorum in cold blood. even though i hated those characters (zarek & felix), i sympathized with why they were doing what they did, especially in light of felix’s insights into the cylon mentality while lost on that ship with one, and i still have misgivings about trusting those frakkin’ toasters.

my big prediction for the end of the series? we find out that, in fact, humans were originally created by cylons- i.e., humans, in fact are cylons. chew on that for a while.

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