new stock is go

hey folks! first off, if you slept on 1984 yellow or the brown orange princess tees, you’re out of luck- they’ve already sold out. make a mental note if there’s anything else you see that you want- it might not be there the next time you check!

but it’s not all bad news! i’ve been printing shirts like a shirt-printing beaver (if you can imagine such a thing) and last night i posted the fruits of my labor for your enjoyment. first off, a new shirt: the zb is a humongous zbq logo (over 20 inches wide) that wraps from the front to the back of the shirt. it’s so big, we can only fit it on large (or bigger) guys’ tees.

i’ve also added a ton of t-shirts (and a few ladies’ tees) to 2 old favorites that haven’t been made available for quite a long time: carbot and dumptruckgiraffe .

this will likely be the last new shirts i post for at least 2 weeks or so.

i’d like to thank comic dorkscast for linking us recently, and for a cool comic-themed blog. want to get your page plugged? just link us using one of our handy banners (or a simple text link will suffice) and we’ll be sure to return the favor.

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