who watches the watchmen?

apparently, no one. which is a real shame- it’s a pretty amazing movie. i finally got out to see it the other night- though i missed the imax 3d version, dammit- and there were only 6 of us in the theatre. as a huge fan of the original comic from the eighties, i tried to keep my expectations realistic. so did it live up to the comic? in my opinion, almost- but not quite. but it wasn’t for lack of effort. the central themes and characters of alan moore’s masterpiece were more or less intact, visually it was truly a feast for the eyes and at nearly 3 hours, fast paced enough that it felt more like an hour. i guess really my only complaint about the movie- and this might seem strange- is that it was almost too faithful to the comic. comics are a different medium from film, and by sticking with the book’s dialogue and story practically verbatim, i felt that maybe there was some potential for more character development that didn’t get explored as deeply as it could have. but really, i’m nitpicking. the watchmen is an excellent movie, one of (if not the) best comic adaptations ever made. rorschach, my favorite character, is superbly rendered, dr. manhatten is just plain freakin’ cool, and i am officially in love with malin ackerman, who plays the incredibly sexy silk spectre 2. well done, folks.


oh yeah, i’m now a trend whore like the rest of you. that’s right, ZBQ is now on twitter . i’m so ashamed.

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