princess geisha

i’ve been kind of slacking on posting new pictures in LOVECATS , but tonight i prepped 6 new sets of photos for your viewing pleasure, and these i will be posting every few days over the next couple of weeks. the first of these, as promised some time ago, is of our friend jezebelle : a fellow canadian, a little kinky and crazy like many of us in the great white north, and the owner and main subject of her very nsfw web site. more pictures to come……..


sale is still on…..props to a few blogs for their recent zbq posts: shirts on sale , shirts around the internet and the t-shirt review . these are all awesome blogs and you should support them!……i should be posting a new set of buttons very soon- within the first week of april….working on about 12-15 new zbq shirt prints, once they’re all ready i hope to be posting a new one every 2-3 weeks or so….we’re moving in mid-april, i’ll be sure to post some new pictures of our awesome new spot. promise that you’ll visit me if you’re ever in halifax!!!

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