happy new(ish) year

i’m more excited that 2008 is finally over than anything. seriously, ’08 was a pretty tough one for me and for a lot of people i know. right now i’m just grateful for having survived it. so to help celebrate this momentous passing, i’ve decided to extend our “boxing week sale” right up until february! all shirts are still on sale for the same low low prices, and i’m still offering free shipping, but now it’s for orders of $40 or more. help me get rid of a bunch of old stock, so i can start printing fresh new stuff for 2009.
i’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone who bought something from this site last year. this is a tough game, and every shirt sold represents a small victory and helps us to keep everything going that much easier. here’s hoping you have a great new year. be cool, stay warm, and take good care of the ones you love.

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