no, i’m still alive, just been tending to a lot of other matters of late. my son is out of school for the summer so keeping him amused takes up a lot of my time. but i’ve also been hard at work on the site- i know, i can’t leave well enough alone- and preparing to launch a completely new store within a matter of days. for the first time ever, the in stock page and the visualiser will be merged together into one beautiful animal. so you’ll be able to browse through our entire collection of designs while simultaneously seeing the shirts that we have in stock, and ordering them if you so desire (no more toggling between 2 different pages). you’ll still be able to reserve shirts for future print runs or vote for your favorites, but there’s also a really sweet new search feature: with the click of a button, you’ll be able to see everything we have in stock in your choice of style and size- no more clicking through for hours hoping to find that medium red t-shirt you wanted. it’s pretty much wicked awse.

once the new store in launched later this week, we will no longer be taking pre-orders on the site (the visualiser is still open for business for a few more days until the new store goes live). as i suspected might happen, things started off really well in june and then started kind of slipping behind a bit. most people got their gear pretty quickly, but there were people waiting longer than they’d hoped for their shirts- that’s not what we’re about. not anymore. from now on everything you order is guaranteed to be in stock and to ship within 24 hours. and we’re working to get our stock levels up as high as possible, so you should be seeing a much better selection on here very soon. we’ll be starting this week with about 70 new shirts to tickle your fancy. the other good news is that shirts will be $4 less than they are now in the visualiser- so only $20 for tees and $22 for ladies’ stuff. the really good news? in stock shirts are currently only $16 and will stay that way until the new page is launched, sometime this week but no later than august 1st.

oh and the last bit of good news for today- the sun is shining. peace, kids!!

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