alcoholics ‘r’ us

here in nova scotia where i live, alcohol isn’t so much something people do to unwind now and then as it is a daily way of life. everyone’s an enabler, and you don’t have a problem unless you’re face down in the gutter or beating your kids. now, i enjoy a couple of beers here and there as much as the next bluenoser, but i know a problem drinker when i see one. that’s why i thought this huge picture that’s posted outside a new liquor store near where i live was so funny.

might not look that strange when you first glance at it, but take a closer look at some of these peoples’ faces:

little bleary, are we? i think she needs some sleep. for like 5 days straight.

hey haggard henrietta, why don’t you ease back on the bottle for 5 minutes? might do you some good.

“dude! just one more bump! i swear i’m good to go! huhuhuhuhu!” could you do me a favor and just kind of not breath on me?

“what? i’ve only smoked 36 cigarettes today. has anyone seen my self-esteem?” yeesh.

wow, if this is supposed to be a way of enticing me to go get liquored tonight, i think i’ll pass. if these are the best models they could find to promote the “drinking lifestyle” in our fair province, maybe we have a bigger problem than i thought.

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