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do you know what day it is today children? it’s new shirt day at zbq, that’s what. today i’m very pleased to be posting a brand new shirt design, one that i’ve been planning to print for a very long time. per is an original piece of artwork created by our good friend thesis sahib, who you may remember as the creator of jigsaw and ahriman some years ago. this is a huge, beautiful 6 color print, and i hope you love it as much as i do. available on tan, cream and silver grey t-shirts.

i’ve also reprinted an old favorite that’s been out of print for quite a while: motherhood . what’s not to love about giraffes? i want one for a pet, like dewey cox. this one i’ve printed on grass green, mustard, tan and cream shirts.

and due to popular demand, i made sure to print a few 2x and 3x shirts for those that seek such items. talk soon.

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