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yes it’s true, we’ve finally succumbed and created a “ZBQ fan club” over on ye olde fakebook: click here to join or just search “ZBQ fan club” the next time you’re getting some “face time.” members will be privy to all sorts of neat contests, exclusive deals and cool announcements. plus if you post some pics or videos of you or your friends rockin’ the q, there’s no telling what kind of sweetness might be in store for you…

i’ve posted a couple of new pictures today of our good friend krystle wearing her wicked lucha sportivo shirt. there should be a whole set of new pics from krystle coming in LOVECATS very soon.

so i’m trying this new diet- not to lose weight, but to try to reduce the amount of pain in my body. for the past several years i’ve had a lot of issues with joint & muscle pains, and it’s really been a drag at times. but last week i chanced upon this article about foods in the “nightshade” family- specifically tomatoes, potatoes, and most types of peppers. apparently there is a chemical in these foods (the name eludes me) which some people have a high sensitivity to and which causes these people a lot of inflammation in their joints (which, of course, leads to pain). well, i eat a lot of tomatoes and peppers- i loves me some hot sauce on just about everything. but for the next 3 months i am giving up these foods to see if there is any difference in my pain levels. as much as i do love those foods, i’d rather be pain-free. i’ll keep you posted on how it’s working out.

new BSG tonight children- i hate to say it, but what else can possibly go wrong? hasn’t this crew been through enough already? then again, we wouldn’t watch if everything was just hunky-dory, now would we? it would be nice to see them get a break now and then though. you da man, adama.

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