shipping now free, shirt prices to go up

hey kids, how’s your saturday treating ya? i have some good news today- shipping on zeroboutique.com is now COMPLETELY FREE from now on- that’s right, no hidden costs, the price you see is the price you pay. and don’t forget that we ship INTERNATIONALLY as well- anywhere in the world!

unfortunately, however, due to the rising costs of doing business in this day and age, our shirt prices will be going up next week- quite dramatically, i’m afraid. however, i will wait one full week– until saturday, february 21st, to change the prices. that gives you a nice “window of opportunity” to get the shirts at the old prices and pay nothing for shipping. so consider yourselves warned.

ah, pippi – what a breath of fresh air in this dreary world. i really must get more pictures of that girl up on this site soon.

so i did watch BSG last night, and it was a doozy, but unfortunately i missed the first 10 minutes so i was kind of confused. i know there was a lot of light shed on the whole cylon/human history, but i’ll need to watch it again to really absorb it properly. what an awesome frakkin’ show.

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