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that time has come again, and as the seasons turn, so must the rotation of designs available for order. doesn’t sound too poetic, does it? i’m-a shut my yap now and let the pictures do the talking.

unfortunately there are no brand new designs this time around. but we have brought back some goodness from the vault with some new colorful twists thrown in for good measure. case in point: the classic, the original, robin antiga’s 1984 , which we originally started printing nearly 5 years ago, and its newborn baby cousin, 1984 (red) .

next up is another oldy from the wayback machine. blood was a print i put together based on a photo from one of amina munster ‘s early suicide girls sets. sepia blood is a “sepiatone” variation of the first print, based on the sepia tone of the original photo set. and cold blood is pretty self-explanatory: the “ice queen” version of blood. after this print run is finished i will be washing out the screens and very likely not printing it again, at least for this site.

speaking of retiring prints, it’s also likely that little miss goldie will be hanging up her spurs for good after this print run. so we decided to let her long-lost cousin goldie (silver) tag along for one last ride.

and finally, one of my all-time favorites which will not be retired any time soon, robin antiga’s birdman (orange) and, just because we’ve never offered this print in white before and it looks really cool in white, birdman (white) .

the new order deadline is july 23rd. the in stock page will be back online tomorrow! happy belated canada day to my fellow canuckians and of course independence day to our fine neighbors south of this border! drink a cold something for me. hoot, holler etc…..

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