again with the pictures, this one

i keep losing cameras! luckily i only buy cheap used digicams, so it’s kind of like losing a crappy pair of sneakers. however, i just bought another cam the other day (thank jeebus for kijiji ) so i took the opportunity to take a few snaps of some of the latest prints that have been cooking through the conveyer belt as of late. for more pictures and/or to view more about the shirt in question, just click on the pic.

1984 charcoal (viva antiga)

ATAK (red)

men in orange

killbots (red & grey) did you know that my high school colors were red and grey?

1984 (yellow) i’m feelin’ the camo.

sorry to say, none of these shirts are currently available for order. you’ll have to wait another 6 months for that. boo hiss.

hey, i did get one entry for our contest , and i will be giving that man a couple of free shirts whether i use his ideas or not (i probably will, he sent a few and a couple of them are quite good). but seeing as i’m a super lazy ass layabout it will probably take me a little while yet to post that information, so feel free to enter yourself and possibly win some zb goodness.

shirts are 95% printed and are shipping this week. unfortunately the
11998844 track jackets and zip-ups have been delayed for another few days, but those will go out soon. everyone else that ordered stuff before the june 8th deadline will be seeing that stuff very shortly. and don’t forget that the next deadline is coming up fast- july 2nd, the day after canada day of course, which will be midnight, next wednesday.

one more little tidbit: i am doing an inventory of shirts i have on hand and will be working to bring back the in stock page, hopefully by as soon as the end of this weekend, for those who like their shirts both fresh and fast. the cool thing is that there will be some new stuff in there as well as a few older classics; as we go through and print new shirts every 3 weeks we inevitably print a few extras, and those i will post on the in stock page on an ongoing basis as well. because life is all about choice. is it not?

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