print update

we’re still waiting for the blanks to arrive for the last batch of shirts- the supplier messed up and they wound up sitting in their warehouse for 3 days before they actually got sent… >:( so anyway it means we won’t be able to start printing until tuesday, however everything should be completely wrapped up by friday, after which all of the remaining orders will be sent via airmail. many of you could potentially be seeing your stuff by the following week (june 23-27) and almost everybody should have their gear by july- just in time for summer.

plug alert: i’ve been a fan of group hug for a while now: the confession site is a cool concept that works well in the context of the internet. i recently discovered another similar site called creepy confessions that does more or less the same thing, but with a definite element of badassery added for good measure. because what’s the point of being bad if no one knows about it?

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