zbq m.i.a.?

hello peoples of earth. i realize it has been many, many moons since i last made any contact with the outside world, at least through this site. i know some of you are still out there, because i get a handful of new twitter followers every month, and there are some signs of life (someone bought a shirt today!) so i just thought maybe i should say hello, not dead, and haven’t forgotten about the ZB. in fact, far from it. i am busy at work on some very big ideas, ideas which have taken a long time to incubate due to the fact that i am trying a lot of different techniques, ink and equipment i’ve never used before. i have printed some stuff already, but i’ve always been a fan of the big splash, so i’m holding out until i can do it right and proper. this may actually take another month or 2, maybe even 3. but i’ll try to start posting in here a bit more to give you some tantalizing morsels that will hopefully whet your appetite for what’s to come. you can actually see some of these morsels if you join the ZBQ Fan Club on facebook. for now, my laptop battery is about to die, so i will bid you adieu. au prochaine…….

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