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oodles of noodles

so, yeah, you may have noticed things getting moved around here a bit lately. just a bit of streamlining- everything is basically here now. no splash page or home page anymore, instead the entire site is accessible through the store. the entire site basically is the store .
what’s more, i’ve added a mountain of new prints to the database, including some new stuff i’m pretty excited about. i will be giving the rundown on that in a day or two. all shirts shown as in stock ship out within 24 hours. all tees are now only $16.00 (ladies’ tees are $18.00) for as long as we can afford to keep them that low. giddyup.

so i’m still in school and it’s kind of wearing me down. i really don’t have the wherewithal for this new-fangled IT industry, and don’t think i’m going to make it past this semester. buy a t-shirt so i can quit school and do what i do best- making you look good. pizzizzle.

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