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i’ve got a krush on you

well, you asked for it: ira shain’s krushbot received a krushing 1811 votes to bring it back, far more than any other design, and we paid attention. so for the next week, until midnight may 1st, krushbot is available on your choice of t-shirt, hoody, raglan or 7 other styles, in any color or size you can imagine. you pick it, we’ll print it for you- and for 3 dollars less than any other shirt on the site. factor in the FREE shipping (even for international customers) and we’re pretty much krushing the competition. ok, i’ve run out of “krush” jokes, insert your own here.

coming soon: a new contest in which you get to tell me what i should do to improve this web site, a shopping cart that will give you a bigger discount with every new shirt you add to your cart, an affilliate program that puts $5 in your pocket with every single customer you send our way, and much more. keep your dials locked.

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