pre-ordered shirts are back, and cheaper than ever!! now you can get yourself a one-of-a-kind zb t-shirt for only 12 BUCKS. that’s right! every 2 weeks i’ll post a different design available for pre-order for 7 days. you can have any choice of style, color or size you like for twelve measly dollars (14 for american apparel guys or ladies’ tees). today’s design is 666 , with 2 other brand new color variations never to be reprinted: 666 red and 666 turquoise . 12. freakin’. dollars. people.

this design is available for pre-order until midnight, november 10th, 2009. after that stock will be pretty scant or possibly nonexistent, and the prices will go back up by 4 dollars to their regular prices.

want to see your favorite design reprinted soon? well you can either vote for it or actually reserve the tee of your choice. the more reservations & votes we get for a particular design, the more likely we are to reprint it soon.

so i have actually moved all of my printing stuff into my landlord’s garage. it’s a little strange. i’m still in the process of insulating the walls, so it’s pretty chilly out there at night. once i get that insulation up and a wall built in front of the drafty garage doors it shouldn’t be too bad. still, it’s a little weird.

hoping by january to be printing mostly, if not entirely, on organic t-shirts, and switching to a more environmentally nice way of printing shirts as well in terms of the ink and the cleanup materials. it may mean i need to charge an extra dollar or so, we’ll have to see i suppose. but it’s something i’ve been meaning to do for a very long time, and right now seems like as good a time as any. seize ya soon peepz.

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