30 shirts, 30 days

Never one to resist the opportunity to continuously muck things up, I`ve decided to change how things work on the site again. I was starting to find it a bit unwieldy having a larger number of shirts on the site and was a little overwhelmed at the prospect of adding another 74 that I just completed. I thought it might be cool to try something where every 30 days I put up 30 completely random shirts, and only make them available for that month. That way I would be able to easily keep track of them and there would always be something different up every month. And so I present to you: 30 shirts, 30 days. 28 of these are completely new and have never been on this site before! I trust you will find something to ogle:

That first number might go up and that second number might go down as we go on with the year, it`s up to you really.
I`ve made a few other li`l changes to things around here. For starters, we are back to regular ol` prices on shirts- the whole “pay what you want” idea didn`t exactly pan out. The good news is, the prices are lower than before. I`ve also added a non-Flash gallery option to the store, since I was getting some very rare comments from some people saying that the Flash galleries weren`t loading for them, and for others that find they load a little slower at times.

Ummm….happy festive holidays to everyone and all that jazz, I`ll be taking a slow train to New Brunswick for the break and hoping and believing in better times, straight ahead for 2011. Great expectations to all you and yours.

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