some old sh*t

so this was moving week for me, and as i was going through some old stuff i chanced upon a few shirts i had forgotten about. so i’ve posted them on the site for your edification: sundown (black and red XL t-shirts, only a handful of these left), an XL asphalt girly the fall of kate , a 3X asphalt venla and an XL olive girly venla .

and good news peeps! i got to thinking about how ending an “end of summer sale” on september 2nd didn’t really seem fair, since the “end of summer” doesn’t technically happen for another 3 weeks. and so i’ve extended the sale until september 21st!! all tees, ladies’ tees and everything else are still on for only $14.80 apiece. call it my way of trying to make the summer last just a little bit longer. you’re welcome.

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