some of you may remember a time on this site when we did things a little differently. there was period during 2005 and 2006 when you could have your favorite shirt design printed on any style, color or size of shirt of your choice. nothing was ever “out of stock” because everything was made to order. that made for a really cool range of choices, but from our perspective was a bit of a logistical nightmare, and often meant people had to wait an unreasonable amount of time for their orders. well, part of the problem was that we’d only print the shirts once a month, and the other issue was that we’d have to print anywhere from 12 to 20 different designs at the end of that month, and it would sometimes take forever. so we discontinued doing it. but i always kind of regretted taking that choice away from people.
so i got to thinking the other night: why not just take the negatives out of the equation, and leave the positives? in other words, print once per week instead of once per month, and instead of trying to print a ton of different designs, just print one at a time? so, genius that i am, that is exactly what i’m going to do. starting on april 16th, next thursday, i’ll make one design per week available on a “pre-order” basis. you’ll be able to choose from 10 different styles, every color in the rainbow (as well as some that aren’t in the rainbow, like camoflage) and of course your own size, and they’ll even be $3 less than our regular in stock items! at the end of the first week, i’ll print ’em up and send ’em out. and for the first print we’ll be doing a brand new todd marrone design called speaking of. just to whet yer whistle, i printed a couple last night, and here’s what they look like:

excited yet? i am.

and since i’m in a teasing, preview-y kind of mood, i’ve got the first few prototype pairs of zbq undies finished, so here’s a little sneak peek at those:

and no, that’s not a really pasty girl wearing those, that’s the shop mannequin, beatrice. she definitely needs some sun. we’ll be going into production with these within a couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

should be posting the next set of buttons later tonight. have a good good friday.

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