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so i used to be really good with contests on this site, then i got lazy. then i kind of got good again, then i got lazy again. i guess you just have to kind of get lucky with me when it comes to contests. but if you like contests, you’re in luck again. i’ve decided to make a little contest area on the right hand side of this blog, so it’s going to be something i’m going to try and keep going on a semi-regular basis. as long as i get a few entries, i’ll give away a shirt a week. if no one or practically no one enters, it might take a little longer.

so for now, i’m looking for some constructive criticism to help me improve this site, and i’m willing to give away zb merch in exchange for it. i do occasionally get some suggestions for ways i can fix things up, and i often will take steps to act on those suggestions. but i guess what i’m trying to say is that i want more feedback. sometimes working on the same web site for years on end you can kind of get tunnel vision and lose touch with what the average person might think. something i think is brilliant might just be confusing to most people. so let me have it, folks! don’t hold back. i’m a big boy and i can take it. and hey, you just might get some free shwag in the process.

then again, if you think the site is perfect as is, you can tell me that too. i’m open to having my ego pumped up even bigger than it already is. oh, and i’ll publish all entries here as well.

1 day left to pre-order krushbot , folks. get it in ya!

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