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just posted some krushbot shirts to the database- got some black, asphalt and royal blue t-shirts in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

started working on a new print today, i’m hoping to wrap it up tomorrow and be able to get it online for pre-orders by tomorrow night!

did you know that i do custom shirt printing? well, i do. in fact, i do it so much that i’m thinking of posting some pictures of some of the stuff i do from time to time. i just did these really cool hoodies for a local comic book shop the other day, and last week i did like 360 shirts for a band from ottawa called today i caught the plague. if you are looking for a reliable screen printer to help you out with your band, t-shirt line or team shirts, you could do worse than me. i’ve been doing this for about 12 years and, i dare say, i’m starting to get pretty good at it. so if you’re interested write me at zbq@zbqfanclub.com .

coming soon: some fresh new polo shirts in prepschool , a contest winner, another LOVECATS set and much more. glee!

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