A little makeover……

Well, you may have noticed a few changes happening around here. First and probably most noticeable of those changes is the funky new colour scheme of the site. While the grey was cool and subdued, it was getting to be a little drab and I think that a splash of colour adds a lot of life.

But much more than that, ZBQFanClub.com has a whole new interface that we think is much more fun and interesting. For starters, the site is basically one giant gallery of images now. You can currently browse through 30 galleries featuring many of the amazing artists we have worked with through the years, as well as some of the latest additions to the ZBQ family you may not be familiar with. But there are also galleries of shirts, models, pillows and more, and there will be many, many more galleries added for your edification in the weeks and months ahead.
Besides that, the “store” section has been completely removed, at least for now. As mentioned in a previous post , we discovered that it’s much faster and easier to just post all of our products up on Etsy  , for at least the time being. That’s not to say that we won’t bring the store back at some point, but for now Etsy is working out fine and the time we save can be put into other things. Such as making more of those crazy shirts you have come to know and love! 
So enjoy the eye candy, and don’t worry about overindulging- this is not the kind of candy that can give you cavities. Though you may feel a little light-headed. 

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