shake ya groove thing yeah yeah (show em how you do it now)

well that only took forever. a little while ago i decided to print about 600 shirts for the site, spruce the place up a bit with some minor updates & new features and eye candy. i figured i’d have it all wrapped up in 2, maybe 3 weeks. only thing is, it took me 2 freakin’ months. but print those shirts i did, and i done posted ’em on my here web page for all y’all to freak on.

so let’s get to it! first of all, i’m always the most jazzed about new prints, so i’m really happy to be posting a total of 4 completely new designs this week. first up, an update wouldn’t be an update without a new robin antiga print: le punk.

i also brought back some more antiga mayhem with lots of new stock in 1984 and 11998844 , plus a new variation called 11998844 brown .

next we have another re-visitation from an old zbq alumnus-jason nelson returns with the charming miss mind machine mary (and the mandatory mind machine mary inverse , bien sur):

i’ve also re-printed a batch of the first image of jason’s we printed back in 2005: rEVELATIO (and rEVELATIO inverse , just because).

     slawek kosolka has been a plumb first base runner and looks set to become a full-on heavy hitter this season with his third zbq print:

and just because we love him so much, and because he is canadian, but mostly because we love him, i was very happy to reprint 3 more batches of slawek’s particular brand of ocular discourse: deadphones , carbot and carbotorange .


but i didn’t let the artists have all the fun. i managed to find time to cook up a new zbq in-house 6 color design: lucha sportivo .

and while we’re on the subject of zb in-house designs and collabs, i also squeezed in some new prints from some old favorites (and variations thereof): vampire in paris , hawaii 84 , hawaii 2084 , undebs , war is hell (grey) , goldie silver , jade starr , bikini landscape (grey) , che grovera , our man in paris , the fall of kate , true confessions , white wasp and blood . cheez!

oh, and did i mention i also printed a bunch of guys’ and girls’ killbots (red & grey) tees? because, like, i did.keeley is the bomb guy. not girl. because that would mean he was not a guy. check out keeley’s site at bloo empire .

so there you go. all told, 29 prints topped up, with 2 more coming later this week. hope you enjoy! guys’ tees are $16 each, ladies’ are $18, everything ships air within 24 hours. and up until christmas, we’re having a “for anyone who’s paying attention” sale. if you’re still paying attention at this point, i’ll let you in on a little secret: (pssst)….up until the end of the year, all shirts are buy 3 & get one free (ssshhhh)….all you need to do is to add the first 3 shirts to your shopping cart and then enter your choice for your free shirt in the “message to seller” section of the cart before checking out. i’m no good at math, but i do know that adds up to some pretty cheap nifty t-shirts for your holiday cheer-speadin’ and such. it’s beautiful baby.

and speaking of beautiful, do you recall me mentioning something about bringing thezerokidz back? you do? because that’s just not going to happen. i have, however, cooked up a whole new page called LOVECATS which features most of the old zerokidz picture sets, as well as an art section with a starter selection of some of the artists we’ve worked with over the years.


i’ll have more on LOVECATS in a few days. right now, poppa needs his beauty rest. sweet dreams.

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