pigeon ATAK!

just posted new stock, fresh and ready for shipping, in ATAK . mostly sport grey tees, but also threw a 3X american apparel slate in there as well.

in my travels i also discovered a couple of shirts that had been overlooked: an XL ATAK (red) on royal blue and a couple of white krushbot tees: one white, one 3X. if you’re paying attention. remember, shipping is free kids- even for international orders.

so i’ve been working away on the customized zbq shopping cart, and i’m incredibly close to finishing. what’s so great about that, you may ask? well, for starters, it’s going to save you money. how so? well, if you order more than one shirt at a time, you’ll save 4% for each additional shirt you order. that may not seem that impressive, but it adds up fast. and thanks to the built-in affiliate program it can even make you money too: without even having to sign up or fill in one form, you’ll be able to participate in our affiliate program, where we will pay you $5 for each and every sale you send our way. and that of course includes your own orders! so if you buy a shirt using your unique affiliate ID, you automatically receive a $5 discount just for participating. and if you can get a bunch of other people to buy stuff, you’ll be rich in no time. rich, i tells ya! i’m hoping to get it all up and running by tomorrow (friday) night, if not by the end of the weekend for sure. so keep yer eyeballs peeled.

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