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contest time

well it’s about time i got back to having contests on this site. time was, oh lessee, way back round about 2003/2004, i used to have a monthly contest on the site and give away shirts right, center and left. well those glory days of yonder time are back! starting today, i will make it my duty to post a new contest every 3 weeks, probably within the first week or so after posting the newest 9 designs (i post 9 different designs available for print every 3 weeks- usually a mix of old and new. the current batch will end on june 9th, then the next group will go live on june 10th). alright, enough nannering! let’s get this potty stotted yul…

this is a print i’ve been working on for some time. it’s the first 6 color zbq design and it’s based on a photo sent to me by eon mckai (link nsfw), who makes very interesting dirty pictures and was also the man behind the lens for the photo that became hawaii 84 , hawaii 2084 and hawaii blue . anyway, i printed a few of these the other day and it’s turned out pretty much as planned, i’m pretty stoked on the 6 colors and i am planning another 6 color soon.

so here’s the thing: usually i’m pretty good at coming up with clever titles for the designs, but with this one i seem to be coming up short. and so i need your help. if you can come up with a cool name for this design that i decide to use, you’ll win a shirt of your choice with this print on it, plus another shirt of your choice (from either the current print run or the next one going live on the 10th). plus you’ll help to make t-shirt history, right here live on the ol’ intertube.

all you need to do is to send us off a quick e-mail to zero@zbqfanclub.com with your suggestion(s) (and yes, please feel free to make more than one!!!!). i’ll post all the entries on the 10th and announce the weiner. thanks for your help kids!!!!!

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