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locals only: i will be giving away shirts tonight (saturday june 7th) at all city, the soul/funk/disco/r&b night at the tribeca (1583 granville). the only stipulation of getting a shirt is that you have to put it on right away and then dance with it on. but not like a fake dance you’re just doing to get the shirt- you have to really mean it (i find that liquor can help with that). and thanks to djs jorun, gordski and double a‘s extra helpings of motown, stevie wonder, chic, kool & the gang, parliament and way more funke by the tonne than could possibly be measured by instruments known to man, that’s not usually a problem.

working behind the scenes on some new zb freshosity for ya eyeballs: several in-house designs, some amazing new things from robin antiga, slawek kasolka and (possibly, fingers crossed) jason nelson as well. only 2 days left to order the current selection of prints: on tuesday june 10th i will be posting 9 new prints and these 9 will go into the vault for a minimum of 6 months:


rollin’ rollin’ rollin’….

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