technical ecstasy

so i’m working away on my site today, and everything’s going hunky-dory, when suddenly things just start going wrong with my database. the store, at the moment, doesn’t appear to be working. there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it- i didn’t change anything, but for some reason it’s having a hard time making one particular connection to the database. for a while it worked again tonight, and now it appears to have decided not to co-operate any longer. so i’m hoping maybe my host is just tinkering with the SQL a bit and things will settle back down to normal tomorrow. but i’m kind of worried because this site still runs on PHP4 and i know my host is trying to move everything to 5. anyway, if anyone out there knows anything about this stuff and they want a free t-shirt for helping me, you’re welcome to try: write me at snuzbq@gmail.com .
in other, better and cooler news, i have at long last posted the new zbq rock banners , and they’re shmokin’. i also printed a bunch of nifty 11998844 track jackets and zip-up hoodies , and i just posted them today. for some strange stupid reason, the shopping cart links still appear to work on that page- i don’t understand it at all. but if you fancy one of those, it should work. (update- only the track jackets seem to work now. for no apparent reason)

hope to have this whole mess straightened away by tomorrow at the latest. sorry for any incon.

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