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happy birthday to Z…. and to me

howdy y’all….yes as you may have surmised from the post title, today (february 2nd) is the birthday of this site, and also mine as well. 7 years ago today zero23.com migrated over to this new domain, and 39 years ago larry and trudy larsen found themselves with a brand new bundle of joy in the form of one cute l’il me!

today is also the LAST DAY OF THE BOXING WEEK SALE folks- shirts will be going up to $18 starting tomorrow! so get ’em while the gettin’s good!

so to help celebrate this magickal day, i have posted some new le punk t-shirts, since you done went and bought all of the old ones. these ones are on mustard tees and look scrumdiddlyumpcious. and we also still have a few of the white ladies’ tees left as well.

damn, who is that handsome devil?

i’ve also printed this amazing robin antiga creation on some vintage polo shirts, which are up for sale on ebay. the auction ends in one week. click on the shirt to be taken to the auction:

more goodies coming soon! stay tooned kidz!!!

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