gaeta must die

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alright, so enough about that- can we get back to what’s important? namely, the new episodes of battlestar frakkin’ galactica , of course. the first 3 episodes in this final run have not disappointed at all- the usual pathos and chaos one has grown to expect from BSG. i will elaborate more later, but i just wanted to say that that smarmy little greasebag, felix gaeta, will be getting his comeuppance, and i for one am looking forward to it. what is it about gaeta i dislike so much? i’m not really sure. could be his “wet look” perm. could be his naked hunger for power disguised as some kind of nobility. i think he’s just like one of those unpopular kids from school who, instead of doing something productive and using his outsider status to better himself, plots to get revenge on everyone instead by commandeering a battleship. dude definitely needs to go. adama’s going to have a good time making that little bastard pay for this little insurrection, and i’m going to have an even better time watching it. can’t wait to see what happens this week.

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