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so first off, just have to mention this awesome post about zbq on color overload, a nifty shirt blog. thanks to gino and crew for that, and watch for their own shirt line as well.

so i hope maybe you’ve had a chance to have a peak at VISV10 , our new shirt store, but if not i would urge you to check it out, and should you have any questions about how things work it’s pretty much all covered in the faq . i guess by far my favorite new feature of the store is the search engine, which allows you to quickly and easily search through our available inventory for any specific style or size you might be looking for. i know that in the past some people complained that it took too long to look through everything to find that one certain color/size/print combination. but now you can do it in seconds! to try the search just click on the magnifying glass button in the store and you’re golden.

as well as the new look/feel/function of the store, i have added a bunch of new inventory in several designs, as well as posting a new(ish) print: a creepy black & white version of jade starr called jade ghost . in addition, there is new stock in killbots (red & grey) , 11998844 , orange princess , pink princess and 1984 yellow . so go get ’em .

just saw the new batman flick- i know, i’m 3 weeks behind everyone else, so what- and it was killer. ledger’s performance was really impressive (not to mention bale’s), and there were a lot of interesting issues raised throughout the film about wrong and right and what they really mean. i did feel that maybe they tried to cram a little too much into one movie- at 2 & 1/2 hours, there wasn’t a whole lot of downtime and it was kind of exhausting at times- but overall one of the best super hero flicks i’ve ever seen. and yes, i know you’ve all already seen it 18 times, but it’s my blog and i’ll be behind the times if i want to.

of course, for me the most highly anticipated flick of my entire adult life would easily be the watchmen movie . that comic book had an incredibly profound effect on me when it came out- it is, in my opinion, a profound work of art. i’ve been a huge alan moore fanatic for many years (still have every issue of miracleman ), and it’s incredibly thrilling to be seeing this project come to life in such a big scale. v for vendetta was amazing, so i’m really hoping they hit one out of the ballpark with this one, because it is a truly epic story.

anyway, yeah. reformed comic geek, right here.

oh and hey, just for reading this far: until next thursday, august 7th at midnight pst, buy 2 shirts and get a third shirt absolutely free . it’s as simple as telling us in the “comments” section of your paypal shopping cart what your third choice is (just please make sure it’s something that’s actually in stock). ah, summer. it makes me all giddy and generous inside.

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