speaking of awesome….

today is truly a great day for zbq. for starters, it’s moving day: we’re finally moving into our new digs, and i couldn’t be more excited. not only is it within easy biking distance of my apartment, it’s got cool checkerboard tile floors, plenty of sunlight and will even have a little storefront! considering our last shop was in an industrial park a 45 minute bus ride away, it’s a huge improvement. i’ll keep you posted on developments as they unwind.

but the other reason i’m excited today is that we are starting a whole new thing on this site today: well, a new thing that’s kind of an old thing with a new twist. starting today, once a week i will post a different shirt on the site that will be available on every single color, style and size that we can get from our suppliers. for one week, you will be able to choose from about 40 different colors in 11 different styles of garments, and do it for 3 dollars less than our regular prices! once the week is up, i print & ship everything that’s been ordered, a new design is posted and the last one goes into the vault indefinitely. of course i will be using this new system to feature a lot of new designs, but i’ll also be bringing back many old favorites as well.

but this week i am super happy to be making a brand new todd marrone print available for pre-order:
speaking of was created by todd just for us, and i think is quite striking. it may be the most “un-zbq-like” zbq print we’ve ever done.

fave this on rumplo
love this on emptees

i hope you like it!

since this is the first time we’re doing this, it will actually be available for 8 days this time: until midnight, april 23rd. in a few days i will give you a sneak peek of the next print to go up (hint: it’s an old one that people have been demanding i bring back for years now).

i’m also happy to announce that we’re once again using american apparel for all ladies’ tees, ringers and baseball shirts, and certain guys’ tees such as grass, hot pink, aqua, striped heather and other “funky” colors are amapp as well. and of course the leisure shirts and track jackets are still made by american apparel. regular colored tees, zip-ups and hoods are made by alstyle , but if you prefer american for those and you’re willing to pay a little more, just mention it when you order in the “comments to seller” section.

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