princess pea

ghetto P started out back in 2004 as ghetto princess, a design sent to us by a certain artist who was later caught stealing tons of ideas and reselling them- including that one. that sucked, but as a result of that experience we met the real artist behind the lady with the boombox, pat hamou, and he graciously agreed to sell us the rights to the design. and so the little lady lived on, in many different forms.

all of these variations of our lady of perpetual beats- ghetto P , inverse princess , ice princess , orange princess , pink princess and blue princess – are now available for pre-order on your choice of any style, color or size we carry, for $3 less than our usual prices, until july 1st, 2009 at midnight. that’s canada day for all youse ignoramusses out there.

so yeah, it’s been a pretty long minute but the print shop is getting slammed right now- we’re barely keeping up with it. that’s taken up a lot of my time, but i’ve also managed to print quite a few new items for zb and have been working on a really cool site redesign. also been seeing a lot of really cheesy movies with my son aaaand…. printing more t-shirts. that’s pretty much what i do. more soon.

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