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happy quasi-religious festivities, world! we’re entering a new year filled with a lot of uncertainty. the economy is in the toilet and the world continues to be even more unpredictable and unstable than ever.

but despite everything, there’s a lot more hope around these days. people are trying to shed the bitterness and cynicism of the first decade of this century, and to think of ways we can all work together to get through these tough times. it’s not about “me” anymore, people. if we’re going to survive, it has to start being about “us.”

this was a tough year for me. i lost 2 people who were close to me and went through a lot of physical & financial torment. this was the year that i really made a big push to try and get zbq back on the map- i printed tons of t-shirts, gave the site a dramatic overhaul, invested in some advertising and generally tried to pimp it out as much as i could. but then in october, the financial system took a nose-dive, and it suddenly became ten times harder to separate anyone from their money for anything, let alone t-shirts. i find myself facing 2009 with an apartment full of shirts and an empty bank account.

and that’s where you all come in. i need to move some of these shirts, and i’m hoping that this week you can help me, and get some dirt cheap clothing in the process. and so until january 1st, every single shirt on this site has been marked down to at least $12, and many shirts have been knocked down as low as $8. what’s more, shipping is now free if you order 3 shirts or more. this sale will continue until midnight pacific time, january 1st. even the zip-ups and trackjackets (view here ) have been reduced to only $28 each- a steal!

there have been a lot of frustrations this year, trying to get this thing rolling again. i’ve come to accept that the past is the past and maybe i’ll never make a living off of this one enterprise again. and i’m ok with that. it certainly doesn’t mean i’m going to stop. i already tried that, remember? i could no more stop printing t-shirts than i could breathing. and i’ve got a lot of big things up my sleeve for the ol’ q- lots of new designs, clothes, hopefully a physical store at some point. but i’m not going to try and make this the be-all and end-all of my existence any longer. i’ve got to diversify if i’m going to survive. in a way, it’s better that way- with less pressure to sell a zillion tees just to pay the bills, maybe i can just do it because i enjoy doing it. of course, that’s how it’s always been- the stress wouldn’t be worth it if i didn’t get such a kick out of the whole thing. but doing it 24/7 makes me mental. maybe there is some wisdom to the old adage that if you love something, don’t make it your profession- make it your hobby.

my sincere wish for everyone reading this blog, or for anyone else out there for that matter, is that you find your true path in this life, the reason you were put on this earth. that’s all any of us are looking for. have a great new year.

p.s. just like to thank a few blogs for recent zbq posts :t-shirts around the internet , iloveyourtshirt.com and color overload . peace n’ luv.

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