track jackets and zip-ups and rock banners, oh my

when i say i`m going to do something, i usually wind up doing it. sometimes it takes me a while though. people have been telling me to print more track jackets and zip-up hoodies for years now, and i always say the same thing: “yeah, i`m going to do that soon. real soon.”
well, soon is now kids, and i hope that it’s also permanent. i made up a few zips and tracks last week, and i think they look pretty good.

the track jackets, of course, are made by our good friends at american apparel , while the rugged zips are alstyle , who make excellent hoodies (double layered hood, super thick fleece, metal grommets for the hood string). i am hoping to print more in the near future, but stock is limited and what is up now will be all that’s available before our christmas shipping deadline on december 15th.

i’m also happy to announce that the first batch of zbq rock banners has been created and posted! these banners are hand screened on 100% cloth and feature robin antiga’s iconic 1984 . the banners are hemmed along the edges to prevent fraying and the like. anyway it was a lot of fun making these, i’m really getting into bigger and bigger prints so i hope to do more intricate banners in the future. but for now i hope you like these…..

so yeah, we did a contest a couple of weeks ago, and actually got quite a few entries. alex chittock, morgan gibson and christopher wilson each picked up a free tee of their choice just for taking a few moments to drop me a line. and so how about another one? this is for anyone who’s followed this site for more than 4 years, or just wants to take a wild guess. anyway, back in the dark ages we used to print all of our shirts using heat transfers. in 2003 we started selling screen printed shirts and in 2004 switched over completely, dropping the transfers. but when we did we kept 4 of the old designs. the first 2 people to name at least 1 of these will get themselves a free shirt. if you can name 3, you can have 2 shirts. and naming all 4 will get you 3 freakin’ free shirts. i’ll even give you a hint: one of the designs has quite a few different color variations, and is currently available in stock. send your answer to zbq@zbqfanclub.com and you could be on your way to free shirt xanadu. for fairness i’ll ask that anyone who’s won a contest with us for at least the last 6 months kindly abstain from entering (unless you’re just trying to get brownie points).

more new LOVECATS art and pinup sets coming very soon…..as mentioned, CHRISTMAS SHIPPING DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 15TH….here in canada, sales of prorogies have skyrocketed……undies are still on the way but will definitely be after the new year…….

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