all the time, phife

so you have probably noticed a few things moving and shifting around here on ye olde tyme web site. i’ve been busy at work on a nice new reno for the store and, for that matter, the whole site, and that’s one of the reasons you haven’t heard from me in a while. i get my head buried in something and find it hard to put my attention elsewhere until it’s finished. well, this ain’t quite finished, but it’s pretty dang close. brownie points for spotting glitches though.

a few improvements over the last shirt store: no more scrolling frame on the left side of the screen, the ability to browse through the entire collection much more intuitively and a new color & layout which are much easier on the eyes. might take some getting used to, but i think it makes more sense. if you’re confused you can read all about V1SV11 in the faq page.

i’ve also posted a whole new flash slideshow which you may have noticed on your way in. the gallery is scaleable to full screen and will soon be stuffed with more eye candy (both new and old) than you’ll be able to physically handle with your raw human eyeballs. f’realz. for today, i have posted a nice set of a local model named theresa , who got to wear some of our latest stuff (including a few things that aren’t even available on the site yet). hope yer diggin’ it, definitely more to come. if you would like to do some modeling for zb feel free to drop me a line .

brand spanking new tee shirt will be posted before the weekend!! millions set to start kicking thee arse once they get greedy paws upon new teeeeeshirrts from la zeebeeque. signing out, rover dog alpha.

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