you’re dead, phones

just topped up stock in deadphones – there are now a ton of tan t-shirts (including some 2x and 3x), some black tees and one (yes, one) white/navy baseball shirt.

the above photo of a deadphones -wearing cardboard box was submitted by zb superfan alex chittock on our facebook group . you know how easy it is to post pictures on facebook, right? well, mr. chittock took 2 seconds out of his day to put a couple on our small but growing group, and now he’s freakin’ famous! so yeah, you should totally join and put some photos on there- then you could be famous too. maybe even wind up with your own tv special, like cheryl tiegs or tiny tim.

coming in the next day or 2: new polo shirts in prepschool and a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW zbq shirt none of you have ever seen before (unless you’re one of the dudes from the print shop, and you guys don’t count). as pinhead liked to say, “i have such sights to show you…”

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